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Legal Case Management

Practice Manager is a comprehensive and powerful legal case and matter management solution for Criminal, Civil and Matter management, providing indispensable tools for organizations that manage matters, cases, parties, victims, investigations and all associated information. Practice Manager provides an organization-wide working environment that supports all users, while also delivering management requirements for effectively managing your increasingly complex business.


Designed to simplify and empower City Attorneys, Attorneys, Attorney Generals, Government Agencies, Administrative Courts and their organizations, Practice Manager provides a comprehensive, secure environment for organizing, sharing, and managing case information.


A client-server application, Practice Manager is built on powerful underlying technology, a sophisticated data model, and flexible Web Services API that help organizations connect and synchronize multiple applications to make IT integration challenges more manageable. Practice Manager is firmly built on advanced Microsoft® technology, providing the ability to scale across multiple office locations and handle infinite volumes of documents, files, Matter/Cases, parties, docket and calendar entries. Practice Manager also integrates with leading Microsoft® products like Office, Outlook® and Exchange for calendaring, email, and document creation.

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